The Omega Man

87fc6bb28e119aeff8a0d0af207b7590Lame.  Fans of Richard Matheson’s classic novel, I Am Legend, and cheesy, early 70s horror may want to see this flick.  It’s not a faithful adaptation, though.  Outside of a few striking moments (the early bits where Chuck Heston drives around a deserted L.A., and a post-transformation scene later on), the whole enterprise wafts by on a slow-moving breeze of banal lighting, glib, at times trite, dialogue, and (worst of all) inoffensive, ineffective scares.  Heston doesn’t sell the desperation, the despair, at the heart of his character; and the vampires of the novel are here a glitter-robed cult of albinos, strangely unable to register much of a threat until the end of the film, by which time something has to give and the movie cheats on the basic imbalance between good guy and bad.


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