8mm-title-cardNotable characters

  • Tom Welles (P.I., nominal hero): is an edgy average man; usually speaks in a somnambulant monotone when not overly and self-righteously indignant; smokes behind his wife’s back; went to a good school on an academic scholarship but (wanh wanh wanh) decided to career in surveillance; is a Dante who plumbs the dark bowels of the porn industry.
  • Dino Velvet (bondage porn director): has weirdo verbal affectations; wields a crossbow; would like to be the Jim Jarmusch of S&M porn; is over the top; has a friend called Machine who never lifts his mask.
  • Max California (sidekick-y schlemiel—excuse me, in-the-know porn shop worker): privately reads Truman Capote’s In Cold Blood on the job; takes Welles on a turf-tour of porn hell.
  • Talking killer: explains his deeds, good for ‘im.

Horrible dialogue

  •  “You name the vice, I’ll name the price.”
  •  “Give me your permission to hurt them.”
  •  “Drop the crossbow.”
  •  “You dance with the devil, the devil changes you.”

“What the f*ck?”

Why is part of the soundtrack Arabic?

“What the f*ck is this f*cking movie trying to f*cking say?”

  • When confronted so disturbingly with EVIL, anyone of sound mind and heart could be driven to kill.
  • All of Hollywood, nay, L.A., is economically powered by hopeful young job-seekers who fall into the meat-grinder of porn or prostitution (or both).
  • This is a torture-or-be-tortured world.
  • Bad people do bad things.
  • The porn underworld is deeply disgusting and, like, so reprehensible.
  • EVIL is a condition conquered by itself, not its opposite.
  • Shame on you for wanting to be entertained. Here, feast on some overheated, moralizing fecal matter.

“What the f*ck is f*cking Jack trying to f*cking say?”

  • 8MM is hopeless and top-heavy. The movie is imitation hardcore, director Joel Schumacher’s hock-slick, anti-smut overdose — as grimly depraved as its purported target. Although it affects a higher agenda in trying to expose the ruthless and corrupting nature of capitalism (L.A.-specific), Schumacher’s exercise in desensitization is exploitative in the way it lynches porn. He has crafted his own snuff film.
  • I hate this movie.

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