Inside Llewyn Davis

tumblr_mh5gkc1nDs1qb7xt1o1_500A wry, lovingly detailed character piece with very little in the way of story.  Still, the movie has its own circular shape and (as far as I can tell) a real feel for Greenwich Village, 1961.  The “Inside” part of the title is a bit of a joke, as deadpan as anything the Coens have wrought.  Llewyn (Oscar Isaac), a somewhat unremarkable folk musician and a cock, is his own worst enemy, doomed to a solo course in a circle of hell he might grasp, let alone flee.  As a junkie jazzbo, John Goodman steals the show.  Of added interest: an elusive tabby cat, the perfect metaphor for Llewyn’s lonely gambol through space and time — and who, as a running gag, allows the Coens to beat the recent spate of save-the-cat screenwriters at their own game.


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